Our signature items Tom Yum Cereal Salmon, Assam Pork Ribs and Spicy Beef Ribeye were all the rage for 2016. In all that myriad of culinary flavours and cooking techniques, imagination really came to the fore when we showcased how cereal and Tom Yum were infused to perfection in that imaginative creation that is the Tom Yum Cereal Salmon.

We are super excited to introduce several new dishes for 2017. You can also see the full menu, complete with drinks and prices here.



Fresh salmon oven-baked to light tender pink, coated with crispy tom yum-infused cereal and served with housemade mentai mayonnaise.

Pan Seared Seabass with Hong Kong Styled Sauce

Pluck is proud to present a grandmother’s recipe that sits a pan seared seabass on a bed of Hong Kong styled soya sauce that is full of delicate finesse.

Grilled Hokkaido XL scallops with House-Made Bakwa

These extra-large Hokkaido scallops are carefully pan grilled before being paired with bakwa (Chinese jerky) that is made with love at Pluck.

Deep Fried Spiced Cauliflower

Paying homage to the famed Indian culinary, these cauliflowers are tenderly spiced before deep frying to release an explosion of flavours.