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Driving Across America! Here Are 7 Best American Road Trip Routes


A road trip is a lot more than just getting to your destination. We all have seen movies, read books, and heard stories about this kind of adventure at some point in our lives, so to finally have a chance to create our own story honestly sounds surreal. In a great country like the United States of America, there is absolutely no shortage of detours and destinations that can be explored by car. Whether you are looking for breathtaking coastal views or history-filled routes, these trips provide various opportunities and experiences to every traveler. It is also an excellent chance to have a vacation -for people who don’t feel comfortable traveling by train or plane.

So, are you feeling ready for a classic road trip? Here is our list of the 7 best and exciting U.S.A. road trip ideas which will help you travel like a pro whenever you decide to go.

1. Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway connects United States’ two most famous national parks- Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains. With a speed limit of fourty-five miles per hour, this five-day road trip provides an excellent opportunity to admire the dramatic outlooks and the stunning areas of the Appalachian Mountains. The best time for this drive is during autumn, when the road is surrounded by beautiful auburn, crimson, and golden leaves. Other itinerary features stops are- a dairy farm, an art museum, and plenty of hiking trails.

2. Route 66

It is impossible to make the best road trips in America list and not mention Route 66. This legendary route has inspired many novels, movies, and songs. Beginning in Chicago, this 2,448 miles trip ended in Santa Monica, passing through- Illinois, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally, California. Also known as the “Mother Road,” this was once considered the main route between the eastern and the western states. While most of the route has been bypassed, you can still enjoy 1950s style cute little dinners, tacky motels, and gas stations with lots of snacks.

3. California State Route 1

This major north-south state highway runs along the Pacific coastline. It is considered as the road trip of life- particularly with the breathtaking section of Big Sur. With a stunning coastline on your right, the ocean as far as you can see, and the famous Santa Lucia Mountains to your left, your photo gallery will be filled with pictures and videos taken along the way. If you are lucky enough, you might encounter with one of the world’s most phenomenal wildlife spectacles- biennial grey whale migration.

4. Hana Highway

A long stretch of 64.4 miles drives through the smashing area of Maui. This highway provides several places to take beautiful pictures and enjoy the scenery. To truly experience the wonder of Hana, it helps to study more about the legends and general history of the area. With over 600 turns, the path alternates between soaring sea cliffs and mountain water streams. And if you are looking forward to visiting Black Sand Beach along the road, it’s essential to make reservations in advance. Keep in mind to pack a full meal as due to the small population, the place has very few dining choices.

5. Going-to-the-Sun Road

The two-hour drive of a 50-mile mountain road covers the area between the park’s west and east entrances. This great road was initially made to promote tourism among new tourists and local people and encourage them to visit America’s national parks. Over the years, Sun Road has become a must-see whenever visiting the park. Although the first-time riders can be a little scary because of high cliffs, the outrageously stunning views of mountains, waterfalls, hanging gardens and lakes, makes it worth it. During summertime, you can plan to stop at Logan Pass, which is at an elevation of 6,646 ft. and has expansive overlooks, blankets of rainbow-hued wildflower meadows, and mountain goats.

6. Route 20

Route 20 is the longest American road trip route most suitable for driving enthusiasts. The journey starts from Newport, Oregon, and ends in Boston, Massachusetts, covering over 3360 miles. It passes by several big cities like Cleaveland, Boston, and Chicago, taking 12 days to complete the entire route. Although if you have sufficient time and resources, do not rush through the path and try to enjoy this excellent opportunity. One can also take this trip with close friends or loved ones to strengthen their bond and share exciting adventures and experiences along the way.

7. Hill Country Hideaways Texas

A perfect way to witness the Lone Star State’s beauty is through traveling by car. The road trip begins in San Antonio, covering small towns like Bandera, Sabinal, and Boerne. One can get an almost whole movie-type experience while exploring the wild landscape, sagebrush plains, magnificent wildflowers, and stunning waterfalls. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the award-winning wineries, bushels of delicious apples, and a variety of excellent barbecues for meat lovers. A visit to the town of Fredericksburg, well known for its German heritage, can make this trip even more memorable.

Choosing a route for your road trip is merely the starting point of your planning. There are many other things to consider, from snacks to music, what to take, where to stop for breaks. So, take your time and don’t forget to check for government safety measures regarding Covid-19. Keep those speed limits in mind and drive safe.


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