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Tattoo Pain Chart: All There is to Know!


Getting inked is one of the greatest feelings. Tattoos are a fascination one wants to live at least once if not many times. For some, it is an art that makes them look more beautiful and enhance their looks. For others, it is an expression of their emotions and memories. If you are getting inked the first thing that comes to the mind of the first timer is ” Does it hurt ?”, “How does it pain?” These questions are related to the tattoo pain chart which explains the pain areas and the level of pain while getting a tattoo. The tattoo pain chart is best explained in detail. Some other questions are: “Is it okay if I take some aspirin before the tattooing?” And many more such questions pop up. People often ask the experienced tattoo lover about this question. So here we are to answer all your queries. Some of the very important questions are:


Does Getting A Tattoo Hurt?

What Kind Of Pain Does Tattooing Cause?

What Are The Most Painful Places To Get A Tattoo?

What Are The Least Painful Places To Get A Tattoo?

What Factors Affect The Pain Caused By Tattooing?

How To Minimize The Pain Caused By Tattooing?

What To Do Before Getting A Tattoo?


Here are the answers:

Does Getting A Tattoo Hurt?

We don’t want you to have any false hopes. A Tattoo pain chart shows us how the pain is caused in different parts. Thus getting will cause you pain no matter which body part you choose. However, the part of the body you decide for the tattoo will determine the frequency of the pain. Some of your friends or known people might tell you that it didn’t hurt them at all. They were very calm during the tattoo session. However, it is very rare to feel no pain while one is getting inked. The pain definitely varies from pain tolerance level of the body and the mind but it is never zero. So, getting a tattoo done comes with a certain amount of pain. Sometimes it is very severe for some people.

Here’s the tip: You can always ask your tattoo artist to go slow so that you can stop him if you can’t bear the pricking of the needles.


What Kind Of Pain Does Tattooing Cause?

Tattooing is a very tricky and painful art that only the lion-hearted can choose. Now, if you say, “Alright, I am ready to face the pain but what kind of pain would I feel during the tattoo session?”, we will solve this for you. Imagine an eraser and thousands of needles tied to a motor. Now someone switches this motor on and the needles start rolling. The ruthless needles pierce through the eraser hundreds of times simultaneously. Scary? Not so, if you are very passionate and love tattoos. So, it will be bee stings at a very high frequency beyond the dermis layer of your skin. If your Tattoo size is small and not filled with too many details, it won’t last for long.


What Are The Most Painful Places To Get A Tattoo?

When you go with a dream that you saw, an idea that you have, a memory or person you want to immortalize to your tattoo artist, it becomes a moment of joy you want to cherish forever. However, this joyful moment may just not be as fulfilling as it should be if you choose the following most painful places to get a tattoo according to the tattoo pain chart:

  • Armpit

Choices are beautiful. Your feelings, your passion and your love for Tattoos are unparalleled. But, if you have chosen the armpit for your tattoo, it is going to hurt a lot. An armpit tattoo is the most painful tattoo one can ever get. However, if this painful place is what you have chosen, then be it and we hope you love it!

  • Rib cage

Intense! This is the only word that comes to our mind. The skin here is very thin as compared to other body parts. The movement of skin that happens here while you breathe makes it one of the most painful places to get a tattoo.

  • Behind the knees:

We sometimes go for some out of the box ideas of fulfilling our dreams especially when we decide which place to choose. Behind the knees, tattoo is a trend today and by far the most painful place to get a tattoo. The nerve endings and the tender skin here makes it very vulnerable to severe pain. This area is chosen by the pro or experienced mostly who have met the devil already. The most painful place to get tattoo fame goes to, behind the knees.


What Are The Least Painful Places To Get A Tattoo?

After reading the scary ones, time for some sigh of relief. We are going to tell you the least painful places to get a tattoo. These places can be easily picked by first-timers without a doubt according to the tattoo pain chart:

  • Finger Nails:

Yes, lady’s best friend and gentleman’s enemy (;) this place emerges as the least painful place to get a tattoo. Fingernails tattoos are a trend these days and know we know why. The best part is that, with the growth of nails, the tattoo disappears and thus, you can change your tattoo based on your mood.

  • Shoulders:

This will pass like a lightning that will never come in direct contact with you. It is said that while you are getting tattooed on your shoulders, it gives a sensation of a dull background pain not powerful enough to make you very uncomfortable. This is because of the fact that shoulders have lesser nerve endings as compared to the other body parts.

  • Calves:

Calves are the cushions of your body. This area comes with the minimum amount of nerve endings and has leaser bones. These things make calves the best place to select for a tattoo. Go ahead! Choose the one with the least pain!


What Factors Affect The Pain Caused By Tattooing?

The pain depends on certain factors like:

  • Size of the tattoo:

Size of the tattoo is a factor which majorly determines the amount of pain you will be going through. Even if your tattoo area of choice is among the most painful places to get a tattoo done, you will be free from the pain very soon.

  • Body part which is being tattooed:

The choices are very clear. If you are someone who is ready to bear pain of extreme level you may choose the most painful place for your tattoo. However, if you want to go home with zero tears and least pain, choose among the least painful places to get a tattoo from our list above.

  • Technique and expertise of your artist:

Choosing an artist who is experienced and an expert both is very important. In fact, this determines how comfortable you will be during the session. The more comfortable you are and the better he knows to minimize the pain, it will become a very fantastic experience for you.

  • Your physical health:

This varies from person to person. Your physical health becomes a major factor when we talk about the pain. You need to make sure that you are in your best health with no complications whatsoever in order to enjoy the experience.


How To Minimize The Pain Caused By Tattooing?

  • Moisturise

Ask your tattoo artist to prescribe you lotions, cream, oil or petroleum jelly that is to be applied to the tattooed area. If the area you got tattooed is among the most painful places to get a tattoo, your tattoo artist might suggest you with something else or a medicated lotion.

  • Stay away from soaking:

Swimming, jacuzzi baths and bathtubs are your foes until your tattoo artist allows you to enjoy them again. Soaking in water is the worst thing to do for a certain period post your tattoo. However, taking a bath by covering the tattoo area is mostly recommended.

  • Breathable Clothing

Wear breathable cotton clothing to avoid any rub against the tattooed part. This will help your skin safeguard itself from irritation and redness. Wear loose clothes and it is advised to clean your clothes with mild soap and not with detergent.


What To Do Before Getting A Tattoo?

  • Avoid caffeine or alcohol:

These substances must be avoided before you go for your inking session. Caffeine and alcohol have agents that thins the blood and thus avoid them.

  • Stay hydrated:

Drinking ample amounts of water starting from a week prior to the tattoo day is a good choice and must be followed if you want to minimize your pain. It is recommended to have a full and healthy meal along with a lot of water on the D-Day. This will help you avoid any dizziness or weakness during the painful session due to low sugar levels if you don’t follow this advice.

  • Say no to aspirin:

Aspirin can prove to be very dangerous if you have it before the tattoo. Aspirin will thin your blood and make bleeding easier. The tattooing makes your skin vulnerable and thin blood makes it easier to escape. Losing blood also means dizziness and a weak body.

I Hope, you are ready for the day when you finally get inked and have an experience you can go gaga about.

Have any questions or want to share some more tips with your fellow tattoo lovers? The comment section is all yours 🙂


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